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I'm a workplace learning and performance professional with experience in the HealthCare, Higher Education, Technology, and Non-Profit industries. Specialties: Learning Technology Solutions / Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Training Design / Learning and Performance Ecosystems / Content Management / Training Delivery / Project Management / Communications

Adding Informal Learning to the Mix – Start Somewhere

How much learning and professional development takes place in an organization that is never tracked, never documented in any formal way? It just happens, as individuals reach out to a variety of people and resources to answer questions, share ideas … Continue reading

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Exploring ZebraZapps – First Thoughts

ZebraZapps is a new cloud-based authoring and publishing tool for instructional designers, eLearning developers, and others interested in developing and publishing online interactions. It offers powerful programming capabilities without requiring the user to do any direct scripting. This input/output programming … Continue reading

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Story-Driven Games

I finally finished playing Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, after the final credits rolled, I took a look at some of the bonus content, where members of the Naughty Dog development team were interviewed and discussed their process and philosophy for developing … Continue reading

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The Cost of Life: When Games Get Serious

The Toolkit 4 Making Social Issue Games produced by Games for Change is a terrific primer on the state of the industry on serious or social issue games development. This toolkit provides a series of video presentations by leading proponents … Continue reading

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Conversations on Social Learning

I recently joined the Corporate Learning Trends & Innovation social network and was able to catch a couple sessions of their April online event: Conversations about Learning in Organizations, that’s taking place today and tomorrow (April 21, 22). What was … Continue reading

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Wikis for Management of Learning Projects

Stewart Mader on his Future Changes blog includes this brief video on using a corporate wiki to manage and track projects,that provides a summary of one of the more useful functions for a wiki I’ve found while working on learning-related … Continue reading

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Games for Health

As a followup to my last post, I came across this site for the Games for Health Conference, 2009.  Founded by the Serious Games Initiative, the Games for Health Conferences focuses on enabling researchers, medical professionals, and game developers come … Continue reading

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